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Time to surf like a DIVA! and I mean that in a good way. Izzy Tihanyi and Coco Tihany are twin sisters and owners of Surf Diva. And if you're from San Diego, chances are you've seen them riding.

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Surf Lessons San Diego . Surf Diva SUP boards are great for riders, who want a beautiful versatile board for all conditions. Go for a cruise up the coast, paddle with your poodle, drop into some waves or even navigate a little Namaste, these Surf Diva SUPs do it all.

Crazyfly Raptor Diva 2022 Kiteboard | King of Watersports

The Raptor Diva board is a very comfortable freeride board customized for the ladies. Not only the graphics, but also the construction, insert positions and straps are all customized for girls. Construction wise we source the finest selection of tip-to-tip CNC Shaped Wood Core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass and Fusion side walls to create a great balance of flex, stiffness and pop.