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Melbourne, Australia (David John): DJ is the Pied Piper of downwind paddling. Through his videos, I'm sure he's inspired more people around the world (including me) to get into downwind paddling than any other single source. He's been producing great downwind videos since the early days of the sport at a more prolific rate than anyone else.

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Downwinding Boards and other stand up paddle discussion in the Seabreeze general forums, page 1. The Laird Coastrunner is a great board for the river or Bay, very.


All-round boards and surf SUPs do not downwind well. Whilst you can obviously paddle these boards when the wind is behind you, they are slow and unresponsive to runners (swells, bumps) and you will get left far behind others. Downwind boards are 12 [6 or longer. Fourteen foot is the most popular length of board to downwind in Melbourne.

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5 May 2010 9:42PM. Downwinder's comments are spot on. To stay in and link smaller runners you tend to use the rudder, once it's bigger you're back in surfing stance towards the tail. I paddled a rudderless board for the past two years and switched to a board with rudder several months ago.

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Will and his friend Rach love and adventure and downwinding is a a great way to to have a SUP adventure. Will Vlogs his most recent downwinder talking you through the trip, how he planned and picked the route and how it was on the water. Don’t forget you can check out the full SUPboarder downwind SUP how to series in the links below.