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Weight limit: 265 lb: For year round use: : Diameter: 10 ft: Height: 30 in: Weight: 108 lb: Springs: Amount: 64 qty: Length: 7 in: Frame: Material: Black powder coated, Galvanized Steel inside and out does not rust: Frame Tube Diameter: 1.5 in: Frame Tube Thickness.06 in: Padding: Material: Thick UV-treated vinyl cover: Thickness: 1.2 in: Width: 14 in: Mat: Material

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ORCC Trampoline 400 LBS Weight Capacity for Kids Adults, 15 14 12 10ft Outdoor Trampoline, Safe Backyard Trampoline with Enclosure Net Ladder and Rain Cover, Including All Accessories. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 595.

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That's enough weight to handle two or three full-sized adults. Subsequently, question is, what is the weight limit on a 10ft trampoline? 100kg . Moreover, what happens if you exceed the weight limit on a trampoline? Exceeding those weight limits makes it possible for the trampoline to break.

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Great for little kids who may struggle getting in and out otherwise, making it ideal for both adults and children alike. Available in: 8ft, 10ft & 12ft. ยท SAFETY NET ENCLOSURE The trampoline is surrounded by a safety net which reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

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Most likely this can occasionally happen when people order online, without seeing how big that trampoline really is. Weight limit (how much weight can a trampoline hold) Weight limit is important mostly on smaller trampolines, up to 8ft, as others are tested for 220 lbs, with maximum up to 800 lbs on ACON rectangle trampoline.

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The ultimate trampoline for taking your trampolining to the next level. Whilst anyone can use this trampoline, it is great for those practising aerial acrobatics and gymnastic moves as the bounce is more powerful. North Trampoline are committed to designing the safest trampolines to ensure that jumpers can push their limits safely. find out more

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After reviewing many different brands we ended up getting the ORCC 15ft Trampoline. Very detailed instructions, took 2 of us about 2 hours to put together. The main selling point for me on this trampoline is the weight limit. Most only have a 200lb weight limit and this has 350lbs. As a dad I am now able to jump on the trampoline with me kids.

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What is the weight limit for a 12 foot trampoline? Toddlers and kids trampolines are usually less than 10ft and can bear a load of 50 to 150lbs. The teenagers 12ft trampolines can easily withstand 250 to 300lbs, 14ft trampolines hold between 250 to 350lbs of loads, and the 15 and 16ft trampolines will support 250 to 450lbs of weight.

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How Much Weight Can A 10ft Trampoline Hold? A 10ft Trampoline can support a weight limit of between 75 KG (11 Stone 8lbs) and 120 KG (19 Stone), depending largely on the brand of the trampoline and the materials used. Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline? The good news is that yes jumping on a trampoline does burn fat.

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What is the 10-foot trampoline weight limit? The weight limit is different for every model, but on average it ranges from 160 to 250 pounds. So as you can see, 10 foot trampoline is better suited for kids and teens, rather than adults.

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Higher Quality&Super Bounce. Maximum Weight Capacity: 450 LBS. The New upgraded ORCC Kids trampoline. Security issues are our primary concern. All ORCC Trampoline is absolutely safe and reliable for kids, the safety and durability of the trampoline are higher than most of other trampolines. ORCC trampoline with basketball hoop and ball.

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You can use the Upper Bounce 4 Pole Trampoline Enclosure Set to Fit Trampoline Frames with Set of 2 or 4 W-Shaped Legs with most major trampoline brands. The set includes a ten-foot net enclosure that won't limit visibility.