best sup inflatable paddle boards in northern territory

SUP Explorer | Alouette River

SUP Explorer – The Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board. I love this really calm, easy paddle. My favourite is going out later evening. Lots to see: herons, eagles, sandpipers, trout jumping, beavers slapping their tales. And occasionally, an owl. It’s very serene once you get away from everyone else.

17 Best Paddle Boarding Spots in Canada | GILI Sports

Stand Up Paddle Board British Columbia. Beautiful BC touches the heart of outdoor enthusiasts. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mountains surrounding it, it’s safe to say that British Columbia offers some truly amazing paddle boarding locations. Haida Gwaii. Incredible wildlife Great for beginners; One for the wildlife lovers!

SUP Explorer | Red Rock

SUP Explorer – The Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board. Red Rock is near Sault Ste. Marie and sits right on Lake Superior. The lake is crystal clear and if you stick close to shore you are able to see all the different types of underwater beaches and rocks. It is a pretty quiet place with not much boat traffic though you can see the tankers ...

Good Karma 10.0 | 2021 - Fool Moon SUP

The Good Karma 10.0 is an all-around board. Perfect for discovering the joys of Stand-Up-Paddle, It is an accessible board for various conditions. This board will be nice on sill water such as lakes and rivers but will also be playfull in small seaside waves. The Good Karma 10.0 is made with the best technology currently available, the "Fusion 2 layers", two layers of thermo welded fabric ...