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Paddle boards range in length from about 8 feet all the way to 15ft or more. < 9 Feet – These boards are easy to steer and maneuver. If you think you will try surfing with it, a shorter board is ideal. They are harder to keep in a straight line and are slower than a longer board. 9 to 12 Feet – This is the “typical” size paddle board ...

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Under 10 feet in length, short paddleboards are used for surfing and are a great option for kids. Short boards usually have planing hulls. Medium paddleboards range from 10 to 12 feet and are used for all-around paddling and yoga. Medium boards also largely use planing hulls.

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Shorter SUPs (under 10 feet) offer more stability and more nimble turns, which is why you’ll see them in whitewater and in the surf zone. Most general, flatwater touring paddlers will choose a board in the 10- to 12-foot range that offers a stable, but still maneuverable platform—think small lakes, protected ocean waters, and SUP yoga.

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Sale price. $899.00. Regular price. Sale Sold out. Unit price. / per. As the name suggests, the Adventure Paddleboarding All Rounder Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) does it all. This is a very functional SUP suited to flat water cruising, but it’s also versatile enough to take in the surf. Available in multiple sizes to suit paddlers of all ...

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Medium– The medium boards are 10- to 12-feet in length. Most have a planing hull, making them ideal for surfing. They are also a great choice for stand up paddleboard yoga. Long– Long boards categorize any that are longer than 12’6”. They travel straighter than the shorter varieties and usually have a displacement hull.

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The 12’6” being shorter remains the more maneuverable option, easier and faster to turn in the surf and nimble for lighter riders. If you’re focused on surfing, have limited storage and want a board that’s easier to transport, then go with the 12’6”.