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The best SUP paddle should reach the water without having to bend over (too short) or reach too high (too long). To get the length right, you typically want to add 8-12” to your height. When you stand the paddle on end next to your body, you should be able to hold the grip with your hand straight above your head.

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The best sup paddle is the SUP Carbon Elite Paddle. With a shaft made from carbon fiber and the blade made from durable nylon this paddle checks all the boxes. It has a very cool look to it as well that represents its high quality.

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The Best Sup Paddle Carbon Fiber Sup Paddle is the leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber paddles. We are committed to designing and producing paddle blades that can withstand any conditions with maximum durability, performance, and lightweight design.

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Overall, the Aqua Bound Malta is by far one of our most favorite SUP paddles of all time. This top-tier fiberglass paddle delivers practically unparalleled on-the-water performance, making for efficient and powerful paddle strokes.

Top 9 Best SUP Paddles of 2021 • The Adventure Junkies

For more of our top paddleboarding gear recommendations, check out the Best SUP Roof Racks. Quick Answer - The Best SUP Paddles Werner Flash 85 View at REI Boardworks Aluminum Adjustable View at REI Airhead View at Amazon Aqua-Bound Lyric View at Amazon Boardworks Kraken Adjustable View at Amazon BPS Adjustable Two-Piece View at Amazon